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Supporting academic excellence

Few experiences are more satisfying than pursuing a degree in the subject you love. University-level studies are designed to be intellectually stimulating and rigorous enough to prepare you for a career in your chosen field. Tuition360 prides itself in having some of the most talented professional tutors working in London, many of whom have designed and taught courses in the UK’s leading universities.

With their in-depth knowledge of their specialist field, they can help you reach your academic goals quicker and open up new intellectual frontiers that can make your studies more fulfilling. So, whether you’re pursuing a Foundation, Undergraduate or Postgraduate course in anything from Accountancy to Zoology, one of our university tutors can inspire you to new academic heights.

University Foundation

Our experienced Foundation Programme tutors cover the range of undergraduate and pre-masters University Foundation courses taught in the UK, and have excellent track records in getting students past the Foundation stage and into their first-choice degree programmes. Our tutors are selected for their subject-specific knowledge in disciplines such as Law, Business Studies, Political Science, and Engineering, amongst others. They also have the skills to teach Academic English and Study Skills relevant to your taught programme, and can often prove invaluable in helping you boost your grades in coursework, exams, and classroom presentations.

University Application and Preparation

If you’re looking to apply to a higher education institution in the UK or US and need to consult an expert about the application process, admissions tests, interviews or the degree programme that is right for you, one of our university tutors can guide you throughout the various stages. Our experienced tutors have helped candidates from the UK and around the world navigate the waters of the British higher education system with great success, including those applying to Oxbridge and Russell Group universities.


Tuition360 prides itself in selecting talented tutors who have the teaching skills and in-depth knowledge to help undergraduates succeed in their studies. Our tutors are subject-specialists who can assist you with everything from being an effective note taker to the best way of applying your knowledge and research findings in your essays and dissertation. Our university tutors are selected for both their own academic record and their track record working with undergraduate students. It is safe to say that we have some of the most brilliant tutors working with undergraduate students anywhere today.


Because many of our tutors have taught or continue to teach postgraduate courses at leading British universities, we are confident that our postgraduate students will discover the benefits of working alongside one of our subject-specialists. Our postgraduate tutors hold at least a strong Masters degree in their field in addition to a great track record of working with Masters and PhD students. So, whether it’s mastering the ins and outs of an advanced theory, designing an original research project, or addressing epistemological issues in your PhD thesis, we can help you find the perfect tutor who will add value to your postgraduate studies.

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