Secondary level

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Nurturing independent learners

Whether your child requires expert supervision to adjust to a more demanding curriculum, or is embarking upon their GCSEs, private tuition can help them gain a firmer grasp of the content covered in the classroom. Our tutors are well versed in Key stage 3 and GCSE/IGCSE materials for all subjects, and many of our tutors are qualified secondary school teachers with lots of teaching hours under their belt. Covering subjects ranging from Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, Modern Foreign Languages, and Design Technology, our tutors are committed to assisting your child achieve their full potential at secondary school.

13+ entrance

13+ specifically focuses on the core subjects of Maths, Science and English, as well as other subjects, depending on the school. Our tutors work to make 13+ preparations as creative and engaging as possible for your child. They have extensive experience of teaching 13+ as well as having extensive knowledge of the techniques required to help your child combat nerves and excel in the exam and the interview.

Key Stage 3

KS3 is an important stage in a pupil’s journey through school as it sets the stage for GCSEs. Given the more difficult GCSE exams, many teachers have started to prepare their students for Year 10 at the earlier stage of Key Stage 3. Many secondary school pupils therefore find private tuition a valuable part of their efforts to keep on top of the school curriculum. Our tutors are subject specialists who can equip your child with the necessary foundations for a successful time in secondary education.


Recent reforms to the curriculum and grading system for GCSEs have created arguably the most difficult exams regime at that level since O-Levels were phased out in the late 1980s. As a result, pupils in Years 10 and 11 have to learn and apply more difficult subject matter in their coursework and exams. Many GCSE and IGCSE pupils find private tutors to be excellent companions in their efforts to achieve fantastic results. Our GCSE tutors have in-depth knowledge of the various exam boards and the strategies required to achieve success throughout Years 10 and 11.

At GCSE level, we believe it is important for students to undergo a consultation to assess their needs and the areas in which they need most support. At Tuition360, this consultation is free. We cover all GCSE subjects and our tutors can provide one-to-one or online lessons. For your free consultation, get in touch with our friendly team.

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